PaCES Summer Program Opportunity

posted Jan 27, 2016, 7:01 PM by Leilani Roth

PaCES-HIMB Summer Environmental Science Program for High School Students

 Pick up a brochure in the Hakipu‘u office - Application deadline is Feb. 29, 2016

June 6 - July 16, 2016

Overviewfield work

The 2016 PaCES-HIMB Summer Environmental Science Program is an intensive 6-week program providing selected Hawaii high school juniors and seniors with hands-on education and research experiences in environmental science.

The program provides a college-like experience for 24 high school students.

·  All PaCES students receive a scholarship funding so students can focus on their studies, a 6 wk. class

·  They earn 4 college credits in Biology 124/124L & a scholarship

·  Students study outdoors & indoors during the summer while learning science research techniques.

·  The last two weeks, students create research projects, gather results and share their project as a graduation symposium held at WCC attended by UH Chancellor, VIP’s, environment specialists, etc.

·  PaCES students can apply to return the following summer to mentor with additional incentives

·  A 6-week Ridge to Reef research technique class holds a symposium on the last day. Summer of 2015: PaCES students ranged from freshman to juniors from 16 of Oahu’s public, charter, immersion and private high schools. This program follows S.T.E.M. goals & state initiatives.